Combining the love for family, food and Indian Culture.

Pondicheri restaurant is not only a family restaurant but also a labor of love. Conceived by Anita Jaisinghani and her daughter Ajna, they combined their love for New York City and their love for all things Indian in the form of Pondicheri, where their goal remains to showcase the best of Indian food along with sharing the culture and rich history of India.

They have forged a special relationship over the years and when asked a few questions, here is how Ajna  responded.

1) My mom always said “Who gives a sh*t? Move on! The older you get the more you realize how little you know so stop spending time trying to be right all the time.”

2) My mom makes the best cookies in the world. When she first made the chocolate chili cookies I couldn’t stop eating them for years (and I still can’t). I would even steal the dough from the restaurant freezer to eat them.

3) Whenever I was sick, my mom would make me … khichri & soup. Basically a lentil and rice stew that was slow cooked and just the most warming thing to eat when I am sick.

4) My mom was always happiest when I my brother or I surprise ourselves.

5) My mama could never stand it when I lowered my expectations. Go big or go home.

6) My favorite memory of my mama is when she opened our first restaurant -Indika.  She turned into a whole new woman that I didn’t know existed in my mom at the time.

7) If there was one thing I could tell my mama, it would be thank you for constantly kicking me into place and holding me to the highest of expectations. And thanks for feeding me the best food in the world. If it weren’t for my mama, I would not have any concept of how much I’m capable of achieving. She’s teaching me on a daily basis what it is to be a strong woman.

Come to Pondicheri Indian Restaurant where you will feel like you are at home and experience the best Indian food NYC has to offer!

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